Friday, March 30, 2012

Alter 46 - Moorland Haunt

This card seemed unassuming to me at first, and even when people started playing it in Standard I kind of scoffed. It has proven it's mettle however and is now a staple in even a few other formats. I liked the spooky art on this right away and wanted to alter it for a while.

I finally go around to it when I picked up a neat Italian one. Problem is, I punted it pretty hard. I had to start it over a few times, was never happy with it, and ended up scrapping it. That sucked, and I wanted to jump right back in right away, but it got too late so I had to shelve it. I gave it another shot the next night with a fresh copy of the Haunt. THis is the first time I had attempted, failed, then retried the same card.

I am pretty content with the outcome, always learning from these things!

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